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...I'll write you a tragedy. (Image credit: HBO)

…I’ll write you a tragedy. (Image credit: HBO)

To remark that genius has become an overused and abused term has itself, of course, become a cliche. Small wonder when new – often self-proclaimed – geniuses pop up every day, most commonly from the industries of hip hop music and mass technology. These grasping technocrats may be geniuses, but it is a particularly debased form of genius that has only a talent for making money. The public, however, cannot be fooled: Continue Reading…

Extreme Bromance

June 26, 2015 — Leave a comment
Image Credit: NBC

Image Credit: NBC

The threat of domesticated AI is a trend in the near-future sci-fi genre at the moment: Extant (Amazon) had a creepy robo-kid, though, having failed to watch the whole series, I don’t know how dangerous he became; the Terminator franchise is – once again – ahem, back, as you may’ve seen in what must be the most desperate, tragic trailer of the decade; and now Channel 4 have their somewhat familiar take on us vs. robots, Humans. Continue Reading…