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November 6, 2015 — Leave a comment
Image credit: Facebook/'Mr. Robot' Official Page

Image credit: Facebook/’Mr. Robot’ Official Page

Congratulations to television producers everywhere – it took them years, but they have finally found a new stock-hero to sit alongside doctors and the various branches of law enforcement. No, not the superhero – vigilantes, after all, being more or less cops with powers – but the hacker. Continue Reading…

***Contains spoilers for Game of Thrones and Mad Men***

Image credit: BBC

Image credit: BBC

The observant, and interested, may have noticed that this year has been a bonanza for those of us who enjoy watching writers sit down and talk about their lives and work. Alan Yentob has clearly lashed The Culture Show and Imagine… together to provide us with a surfeit of moveable feasts spanning the entire BBC frontier.

Hanif Kureishi came out swinging first, swaggering and courting controversy like a bad first date; Julian Barnes scintillated at his wry, precise, prickly best; Lynn Barber, the famous interviewer of the famous, complained about the politesse of Gore Vidal and the petulance of Rafa Nadal; and, most recently, Edward St Aubyn gave a rare television interview. We knew it was rare because John Mullan, his interviewer, told us so. He also told us that St Aubyn is a writer of exquisite prose, which is true, but he, Mullan, might concede that television crews won’t be swarming the St Aubyn lair begging for him to appear. He was underwhelming, but the fact that anyone could talk with any amount of eloquence about the events of his life (rape, drugs, matrimonial euthanasia) is something to be grateful for – if it attracts more readers to his books, his publisher will be too. Continue Reading…