The Girl in the Candy Cane Tights

It’s not your body I want you for,candy
But how it looks in various clothes.
It’s not that I’m saying you’re a whore,
But sometimes, please, dress like one of those.

In fairness, you already possess
Those features (curves, say) I pine for, whine
For. I just ask you enhance through dress,
With a few oddments I found online.

Why the sudden interest? you ask.
Okay – so, yes, it’s mostly the bare,
Not outer, form that brings me to task.
Just give me a chance to put a pair

Of these liquid Lycra wonder tights
About your thews; the candy cane dame
Ripped from a fantasy Christmas night
Cartoon. Red & White: up, down, again;
Like the sweet, I’d lick you, and go insane.
That’s just the effect Red & White incites.

A sugar rush for sore eyes.